Welcome :)

Hello, welcome, I am Colin Vermander and thought it might be good to introduce myself as my first blog post.  I am a solution architect and full stack developer who has been working in IT for over 15 years now.  Over those years I have had a chance to do a wide variety of projects working with many different talented individuals and interesting organizations.  I started my professional career in the infrastructure world, my first big project was moving a company off their ISP hosted email service to their own Microsoft Exchange Server!  From there I embedded myself deeply in the Microsoft server world and was always trying the latest and greatest out on the users I worked with.

Software development has always been a hobby of mine and I have managed to turn it into a great career.  The point I really remember it starting was the summer I broke my arm and couldn’t go to a sailing camp :(.  So my parents put me in computer camp…web site 101 basically.  I loved it, completely hooked.  So hooked that my next birthday I asked for, not the latest remote controlled car, or whatever else was cool that year, but software so I could make web sites.  Numerous years later and I have had the chance to build tons of sites and use many different platforms to power them.

The last 5 years I have spent deep in the Dynamics CRM world.  First introduced to CRM 3.0 by having to install it for someone moving from Goldmine.  To then starting with ADXStudio as a developer after the launch of CRM 2011 to build web sites or portals using CRM as a backend.  You might know ADXStudio as Microsoft acquired the portal product and brand in October 2015 that is now part of the Dynamics CRM family known as CRM portals.  Since then the members of ADXStudio formed Adoxio Business Solutions and within 8 months we won Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year for Canada in 2016!

Throughout all this time the value of the IT communities; Dynamics CRM, ASP.NET, and all types of software development, has always blown me away.  The moments where I am stumped on a problem, and I find that 1 post where they have had the exact same issue and were kind enough to share their knowledge with everyone else always have delighted me.  So thank you to all those that share their challenges and solutions.  I hope I can help start contribute to that sharing with my challenges, solutions and fun discoveries on this blog.

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